Today was pouring down rain for everyone to start the first day of the school year. After everyone got their schedules in the main gym there was a mad rush to get to 1st period.  I am teaching all health this year. Periods 1-3 8th grade health, 4th period is 7th grade health and 5th period is Yearbook.  I got moved to room 137 where I've been working hard to get it ready.  Mr. Thesenvitz has worked very hard on his new room 138 and I recommend people stopping by and seeing it. "Its a work of Art and Creativity."  A plethora of 9th graders were back at Pacific to say hi.  If any Mt. Rainier High School student wants to visit let me know by sending me an e-mail at and I will put you on the VIP list. 
9/8/2010 10:18:36 am

Mr. Howisey. It was awesome to see you today.


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