7th Grade Health: Click here to make a change in your life just like Darrell from The Bully.
Check out my blog....click here.
8th Grade Health: Healthy Youth Surveys on Monday October 18th, 2010.  Go to  www.hys.wa.gov/ for more information.
8th Grade Health: We are currently doing a nutrition unit. We watched an education version of Super Size Me and now we are working on Vitamins/Minerals posters.

7th Grade Health: We started reading the Bully, we learned about Empathy, and more mental/emotional health coming soon.

Stress Cards due Tuesday, October 12. Need more help, click here

7th Grade Health: 30 Positive Qualities (FINAL DRAFT) due Tuesday, 21st.

8th Graders: Here is the link for the Longevity Game. For more information go to the 8th grade health section

My Site has been update!
Here's what I've done. I started a blog.  I updated the Track page.  I updated my contact page with my new phone number.  I added a couple of new videos for Motivational Mondays (which was formerly Inspirational Fridays and Inspirational Thursdays). You can leave me a comment on my Blog or send me an e-mail at howisebe@hsd401.org

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